Bigfoot sighted in Maine – Mount Katahdin

Bigfoot seen near Millinocket, Maine

Photo of Pomoola on the Grant Brook Road north of Millinocket, Maine.
Bigfoot photographed in Mid-Maine by Tim Pasanen – copyright 2013

There is a breaking story over on about a photo shot northwest of Millinocket, Maine in the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness area. Just a bit south of Baxter State Park.  Here is the original photo.  Click through to the website for close-up photos, the full story and many other links to Maine Bigfoot related stories!  Here is an excerpt from the Mount Katahdin bigfoot story:

The photographer said, “It ran off.  I’m sure it wasn’t a stump but, not exactly sure what it was.  All I know is it looked like bigfoot to me.”

It sure looked like a bigfoot, something. And, I did a bit of research with the links and found that the “wild men” of Maine were very often described as having red hair, which this one obviously does.

My brother’s boss and avid Maine outdoorsman , Jim Stanley, says, “I know it was a squatch.  I’ve see two together within a mile from where this pic was taken.   We are currently working with game cams.”

The entire Maine Bigfoot story and many other photos at

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