Maine ranked #5 as most corrupt state government in USA

Maine is 5th as the most corrupts state governments are ranked.
Maine is 5th as the most corrupt state governments are ranked.

A nationwide poll that was recently conducted has rated the various United States governments on 14 different areas, all of which revolve around honesty, genuine hard work, and competency. The results have surprised millions of American citizens and Mainers in general.  Maine ranked #5!!  Wait!  Didn’t we think our politicians were doing well?

The 10 Most Corrupt State Governments in the United States

Those that have been included in this list of the top ten most corrupt state governments in the Unites States share common failures, such as in the category of redistricting, political financing, public access to information, ethics enforcement agencies, and lobbying disclosure.

If you want to know what other states are considered to be the most corrupt and dishonest in the whole of U.S., then here is a complete rundown.  There is also a better break-down of the government’s failures.


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