Maine native featured on European music website

A Maine native, Ray Pasnen from Medway, features prominently on a new entertainment website in Germany.  The new site,, is designed exclusively for musicians looking for work or those who seek to give them work all around Europe.

Ray Pasnen plays at Besitos in Rheine, Germany.
Ray Pasnen plays at Besitos in Rheine, Germany.

The site seeks to put the customer directly in touch with the musician – freely for both – to make it easy to hire entertainment for any function (wedding, bar, corporate parties, etc.).

Pasnen, who has been playing and/or living in Germany for 20 years says, “The service is great.  I have found myself in some very different locations from using the site.  One night can be in a small Greek Tavern drinking Ouzo under buzzing fluorescent lights and the next night in a large nightclub sipping Champagne under a million dollar light-show.  I am able to speak directly to the client; whether it be a club owner, private individual having a birthday party or a couple planning their wedding, the ad section on the site is invaluable to musicians or those seeking musicians.”

“I have just returned from a weekend performance at a Resort in Czech Republic and have gigs this weekend in Muenster, Petershagen and Minden.  It would be pretty hard to get these great jobs without Musiker Finden.”

Ray, who played a hand in developing the site, plans to return to Maine in August to perform a couple of private functions.  He says, “I have a friend whose parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.   I am playing for them and the following weekend a couple of friends get married and I am playing for them.  🙂 And… maybe again for them in 50 years. ”

“I hope to see my family and friends in those two weeks while I am home!”

Pasnen also has a job in Bermuda this year (pending work permit).  He plans to play at Bermuda Bistro at The Beach on Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda in June and July.



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